Yuyell Safeguarding Management System

Centralised data.

Yuyell Safeguarding Management System (Y-SMS) is a powerful cloud based centralised data system, which allows teachers to capture and evidence all communication relating to the safeguarding and wellbeing of learners.   It provides a high quality and cost-effective solution to safeguard learners from concerns such as bullying, child sexual exploitation, drugs, extremism, etc.  Y-SMS can involve all stakeholders including learners, parents, local authorities and other related organisations.  Safeguarding has never been so quick and easy.

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About Us

Easy reporting.

Yuyell Safeguard is an app that provides a safe space for learners to communicate, report and monitor causes for concern.  The data feeds into Y-SMS allowing progress tutors to be better informed, and providing senior management with metrics for continuous improvement.  Try Premium Yuyell Safeguard free for 6 months!


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Top Five Benefits.


Yuyell Safeguard empowers the learner to report any safeguarding concern anytime and anywhere.   Derestricting the issue of time and place provides the learner with the satisfaction of knowing a safeguarding officer has been informed, and will respond accordingly.

Operational Efficiency

Yuyell Safeguard can expedite a multi / inter-agency response by providing an integrated and centralised approach to managing safeguarding concerns.  

An Ethos Of Shared Values

Creating an atmosphere of peer vigilance can aid an atmosphere of zero-tolerance of unacceptable behaviour, galvanising learners towards collective shared values.  

Journey To Outstanding

The organisation can demonstrate a robust and effective mechanism is in place to protect learners, and promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural welfare.  It can also demonstrate how learners are being empowered to protect themselves.

Budget Friendly!

Have a tight budget?  Yuyell Safeguard is an austerity friendly product, so you will not be breaking the bank to purchase it.  In fact, take advantage of our introductory offer resulting in massive savings, where you could potentially safeguard a learner for 0.75p for the whole year.   Sign up now!

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Child sexual exploitation




Forced marriages

“Embrace the power of peer vigilance.”