Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The Yuyell Safeguard App is a complete software solution that can flag up any concern a learner faces.  It initially can be downloaded by learners and used to report any concerns they may have regarding their safety or someone else’s, anytime and anywhere.  It also provides a complete platform to monitor such concerns by the relevant staff members.

Yes, most definitely!   Firstly, its ubiquitous nature allows a learner to flag up a concern anytime and anywhere.  Secondly, it logs all concerns raised into the school’s main database visible for all designated safeguarding officers, progress tutors, or teachers to see.  Thirdly it opens an immediate messaging channel between the learner and the safety officer.  Fourthly, as information flows rapidly it allows for a fast multi-tiered response, it contributes towards an extremely efficient process of providing an immediate and effective remedy.

Every teacher knows that the best intelligence received is through the friends of those concerned.   In fact, without realisation peer vigilance already is part of day to day practice.  As learners, in general, confide in their friends and colleagues, Yuyell sources this to its advantage and allows learners to express themselves and their concerns via the smart phone. Whether it is bullying, child sexual exploitation, or radicalisation, the Yuyell safeguarding apps accelerate the flow of information and channel it to the right people, resulting in instant remedial action.

Whether you adopt Yuyell Safeguard or Yuyell Extremism, prima facie your school will demonstrate it is serious about safeguarding its learners.  Ofsted seek operational efficiency regarding the management of learner safety and safeguarding.  The Yuyell apps provide such efficiency by adopting a ubiquitous technology and bypassing bureaucracy.  They open up a channel for the learner to communicate and express their concerns to you, while documenting and providing data to those that need it, and more importantly expediting a multi agency response if necessary.  If utilised correctly such software platforms can provide a very good impression to any Ofsted inspection.

Yes it can.  The Yuyell Safeguard App can be tailored to your school’s needs.

This remains entirely the school’s  discretion, and depending on the learner agreement.  It is advised, for safeguarding concerns, that anonymity is qualified and therefore not absolute.  Please contact us for further details.

The cost will vary depending on which product license is purchased.  Watch out for promotions as they can provide substantial savings for your school.  Please contact us for a more tailored response.